QCon – Is It Possible to Run a 100% Remote Team?

Is It Possible to Run a 100% Remote Team?

I’m always interested in this topic.
Through this session there’re things I sympathized with and also something left behind as question.

As a brief note:

Timezones matter less, but still matter.

More than about 9 hours span across the company becomes tough to deal with.
He said that at least you try to have people who work on the same things overlap a few hours a day, but this could be the extra burden.
To my experience, trying to not have more than 7 hours span is just a simple solution.

You need lots of communication options

Most of things I agree, but IM really destroy the productivity. Since I do not know what my colleague is doing right now, it won’t be best to ask people to give an answer in minutes. (Especially SW development requires very strong concentration)

Weekly checkins are critical / Occasional in personal meetings are essential

Managers get a nice paper trail

This is true, but it could be another overhead to managing a remote team. This overhead is also mentioned in his slide, but actually I need to know more know-how about “how to manage the remote team better”.

Attitude is Extra Important

This is also related to other slides like “Being politically savvy won’t help you” (I know this very well because I have been a victim of other guys’ such behavior), “Your Employees need to be self driven”, and others.

Last but not least, Remote work and junior employees may not mix.
If I need to set up a remote team, I must be aware of this beforehand.

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